The Urban Challenge


The Urban Challenge is a mobile obstacle course with a difference. Under the watchful eye of our highly-trained instructors, participants are encouraged and empowered as they take on a series of Challenges, specially designed to take them outside their comfort zone. Before they know it, they’ll be facing fears and achieving more than they ever believed they could. You don’t have to be fighting fit or as strong as an ox to take part. A positive attitude and a good sense of humour are far more important. You’ll be able to experience activities such as the leap of faith, an 100ft assault course, climbing and abseiling, zip wires and tyroleans. 


The Urban Challenge is a team event for companies, charities and groups of like minded individuals. Each team consists of 4 participants. The event is open to over 18s only.

The Challenge


The Start - Teams are set off at regular intervals to a claxon


Obstacle 1. Quicksand - Work together to rescue vital supplies from a fast sinking patch of quicksand!


Obstacle 2. Leap of Faith - Climb a wall to a height of 30ft before stepping from ledge and dropping to the ground onto a safety mat. 


Obstacle 3. Assault Course - Test your endurance as you negotiate tunnels, hurdles, walls and other obstacles   over this 100ft assault course.


Obstacle 4. Stretcher Race - Work with your team to build a rope stretcher and carry a casualty to safety.


Obstacle 5. The Cave - Find your way through our cave filled with tunnels in the pitch black.


Obstacle 6. Climb and Abseil - Climb 30ft and complete a puzzle before abseiling down under the guidance of your teammates.


Obstacle 7. Bungee Run - Run as fast as you can on this inflatable course to hit a button before being hauled back by a bungee rope.


The Finish - As teams cross the finish line, they are presented with a certificate and medal for completing the challenge.


Our The Urban Challenge events are available from March to November each year. Each team of 4 takes approximately 1 hour to complete the course.