Urban Obstacle


Urban Obstacle is a mobile obstacle course with a difference. Under the watchful eye of our highly-trained instructors, participants are encouraged and empowered as they take on a series of Challenges, specially designed to take them outside their comfort zone. Before they know it, they’ll be facing fears and achieving more than they ever believed they could. You don’t have to be fighting fit or as strong as an ox to take part. A positive attitude and a good sense of humour are far more important. 

Are you ready for 60 Minutes of Mayhem!!


The Urban Challenge is a team event for companies, charities and groups of like minded individuals. Each team consists of 4 participants.

The Challenge


Warm Up - Get put through your paces as your take part in a high adrenaline pre challenge warm up.

The Start - Grab your helmet and harness and make your way to the start line where you’ll be set off by claxon and to music.

Obstacle 1 - Leap of Faith:  Climb an inflatable tower to a height of 30ft before stepping from ledge and dropping to the ground onto a safety mat.  

Obstacle 2 - The Zone:  Test your endurance as you negotiate tunnels, hurdles, walls, slides and other obstacles as you race through our inflatable Zone!

Obstacle 3 - The Wall: Work with your team to scale a 6ft wall before dropping to a safety mat.  Teamwork is key to successfully completing this obstacle.

Obstacle 4 - The Net: Find your way beneath this obstacle – but be careful to avoid getting caught in the net!

Obstacle 5 - High Tower:  Climb 40ft using the hand holds available; before dropping to the ground under the guidance of your teammates.

Obstacle 6 - Burma Bridge:  Work your way across a gap between two vehicles with your hands and feet on different ropes!

Obstacle 7 - Tyre Maze:  Negotiate a wall of tyres whilst blindfolded, taking care not to fall or get in the way of your team mates.

Obstacle 8 - Mind The Gap:  Hold your nerve (and your balance), as you cross a 10ft beam to bridge the gap below.

Obstacle 9 - Pitch Black:  Find your way through a network of tunnels as you crawl your way to the other side.

Obstacle 10 - Hang Tough: Swing between 2 platforms, using the strength and determination you never knew you had.

Finish - Race through the finish line in the best possible time.  Has your team been fast enough to win Urban Obstacle.


Our The Urban Challenge events are available from March to November each year. Each team of 4 takes approximately 1 hour to complete the course.