Survival Events


"Your aircraft has come down due to an enemy missile and you need to get to an extraction point in order to escape. To achieve this, you must navigate to key checkpoints and retrieve codes which have been identified by Intelligence Officers."

 "These codes will allow you to unlock Rafting Equipment and enable you to build a vessel and move across water to the extraction point.  The enemy are aware of your presence in the area, so you must hurry and avoid them where possible. "


Phase 1

Arrive at holding camp | Opening brief by Commander of Operations | Receive Orders | Equipment issue.

Phase 2

Hike into enemy territory | Retrieve Codes 1 and 2 by Rock Scrambling and Abseiling 120ft into a quarry.

Phase 3

Escape the quarry through a water filled tunnel | Retrieve Code 3 from a network of caves | Hike to secure location.

Phase 4

Casualty evacuation | Build a rope stretcher | Complete a river crossing | Extract casualty to a Helipad | Recover Code 4.

Phase 5

Navigate to secure camp | Hear real time stories from military veterans | Night time reconnaissance of escape routes.

Phase 6

The Final Extraction.  Escape through a 1km Canyon which includes waterfall jumps, cliff jumps, rock slides and river scrambling.

Phase 7

Build a raft and row across a lake to the final extraction point

Phase 8
Mission complete
Medal Parade and celebration drinks.
Image of a person abseiling in a quarry
Image of man overlooking a British countryside at sunset
Photo of two people jumping into a quarry


Runs April to September
2 Day Event
Specialist equipment provided
24 hour Ration Packs
Tented accommodation
Free parking available
Aeriel view of two people rafting
Landscape view of a Lake District
Night view of a campsite with camp fire