A Charity Challenge


Challenge The Wild's 'Escape and Evade' event is a unique and exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Military Survival and Adventure Training. This unique event will take participants through an exciting, story-led military experience where escape room meets the wilderness.

The Mission

"Your aircraft has come down due to an enemy missile and you need to get to an extraction point in order to escape. To achieve this, you must navigate to key checkpoints and retrieve codes which have been identified by Intelligence Officers."

 "These codes will allow you to unlock Rafting Equipment and enable you to build a vessel and move across water to the extraction point.  The enemy are aware of your presence in the area, so you must hurry and avoid them where possible. "

Operational Phases

The code has been located in a canyon. Higher command has also asked you to gather some intelligence on a dam that prevents the local town being flooded.
Escape & Evade

Using good teamwork and mental strength, you must ascend the ghyll and locate the code. Be careful, enemy are patrolling all roads in the local area.

Having retrieved the code, you must move to the dam on the quickest route possible. You have been compromised. The only means of escape is to descend the river and extract.

You have arrived at your final checkpoint and must use the code to unlock equipment and build two rafts before following local boatmen to safety.

Operational Logistics

Runs April to September
1 or 2 Day Event
Specialist equipment provided
Image of a person abseiling in a quarry
Image of man overlooking a British countryside at sunset
Photo of two people jumping into a quarry


Under the watchful eye of our highly-trained instructors, participants are encouraged and empowered as they take on a series of challenges, specially designed to take them outside their comfort zone. You don’t have to be fighting fit or as strong as an ox to take part – a positive attitude and a good sense of humour are far more important.


Rock Scrambling
Caves & Tunnels
Waterfall Jumping
Gorge Walking

Good To Know

Tented Accommodation
Fully Catered
Qualified & Experienced Instructors
Specialist Equipment Provided
Videos & Event Photos
Public Liability Insurance
Free Parking
1 -3 Day Events Available
Aeriel view of two people rafting
Landscape view of a Lake District
Image of people scrambling on rocks